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Auto Follow

Following is a very strong method to grow your Instagram, when you follow people they have a very high chance of following you back, with Instaokay you can be utilizing this feature non-stop.

Auto unfollow

.Save time and let InstaOkay do the unfollowing for you. You can schedule unfollowing of the accounts you follow on Instagram. This is the best Instagram Auto Unfollow tool with a whole lot of features.

Auto Like

You will 'like' your target's posts, hundreds of posts every day. This will result in massive amounts of exposure as you appear in people's notification. This is an effective way to grow your Instagram accounts.

Auto DM

.Show your followers that you care about them by Sending a Welcome or Thank you messages to them. you can personalize the messages sent by using variables like {{username}} and {{fullname}}.

Auto Comment

With InstaOkay you can make comments on any public post. This means you have millions of posts relating to your products where you can make a valuable contribution and gain followers.

Auto Repost

Auto Repost will enable you to select random posts, re-post them and will remove them after a specified time passes.You can repost content from others based on hashtags, location and people.

Advanced Analysis

Check in anytime to see your accounts growth and gain actionable insights on whats working for your Instagram.

Cloud Import

.Import your files directly from your Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox with ease and without complications.

Schedule your publications on Instagram

There's no need to spend all day on your account when you can use a tool that automatically post your posts and stories on Instagram. SAVE your time by using Instaokay.


We have a user help base with possible errors and solutions for some alerts that the system can give you, If you have a problem with the system, Feel free to contact us anytime we will be there to help you.

Premium Support

We want you to have results with InstaOkay so that this becomes possible, in case you have a problem we have a support team prepared to help you.


How much does it cost to use InstaOkay?

Beta Pack

Save $15.89 when paid annualy

$7.99 / mon
  • Post Types:
  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo only),
  • Album (Photo only)
  • Cloud Import:
  • Not available
  • Spintax Support
  • Storage
  • 100MB
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Agency Pack

Save $56.09 when paid annualy

$27.99 / mon
  • Post Types:
  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo+Video),
  • Album (Photo+Video)
  • Cloud Import:
  • Spintax Support
  • Storage
  • 1GB
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