Frequently Asked Questions

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Basic F.A.Q

Login to your account, click on the Instagram Icon. Enter your Instagram Username and Password, then Save.

Yes. We have annual plans with TWO months FREE service. You'll see this option at checkout.

Your account is not in any way at risk if you follow the safety method we've laid out.Do not Use the Fast or Very Fast speed options if you're running multiple functions at the same time.And for new Users, Always start with the Very Slow Speed option for the first few days, you can increase this to Medium, then Fast after some weeks.

We do not sell followers, neither do we sell likes as this is against Instagram Terms of service. What we offer is to perform Instagram activities on your behalf.

No you don't have to , we will add 1 proxy per account. if you are willing to add your won proxy you can you it .

Technical F.A.Q

We have a legal commitment to you regarding the security and privacy of your data. The system runs 100% under SSL encryption. Your instagram account passwords are not stored in our database

Yes. If you have a large number of files to upload from your PC or Phone, you can upload 10 files at a time to your InstaOkay account.

NO! InstaOkay works 100% online and even when you have your computer turned off it will remain up and running by performing the tasks you set.

InstaOkay system is fully automated and everything works out the moment you decide to open your account. But if you don't have a credit card you can also subscribe to our service, just contact us and we will proceed with manual

Instaokay is not a follower purchase system (We never recommend you buying followers). with InstaOkay you allow yourself to be discovered and known by other profiles according to your interests and that you will define yourself in automation.